Date: 2016, September 8
Time: 7.00 pm
Venue: Teatr Animacji, 80/82 Św. Marcin Street, 61-809 Poznań

Details: Paris, February 17, 1673, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin (also known as Molière) plays the leading role in The Imaginary Invalid. During the performance he gets an attack of a choking cough, which makes his performance more convincing. A few hours later he dies at home.

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This story inspired Neville Tranter to do a performance about one of the greatest French actors and playwrights. It is a story of a man torn between being faithful to his ideals and adjusting his life to harsh reality. Molière wished to devote himself entirely to art, however, too many obstacles stood in his way: a lack of money, miserable actors, a moody wife, poor health and influential people with whom he was conflicted. Speech defect shattered his dreams of great and serious roles. Being forever condemned to a jester hat, like no one else, he could present the tragedy of human existence wearing a comical costume.

The story that Neville Tranter tells us using puppets is a story of a struggle of a great writer and an old man – with his weaknesses, temptations and memories. Characters who are present in his last days of life are suspended between realism and imagination. They are neither people closes to him nor characters from his written and unwritten works. Human size grotesque puppets additionally emphasise the fact of being torn between what is here and now, and what is infinite.

The performance takes the form of commedia dell’arte. It is also dualistic as it entertains and moves at the same time.

Spectacle with English subtitles

Tickets: 30 PLN and 25 PLN

Spectator service office:
ph. +48 61 853 69 64, e-mail: