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What Steps Does An Auditor Take To Verify The Communication Process Of A Company?

What Steps Does An Auditor Take To Verify The Communication Process Of A Company?

The trendy use of mobile phones by the business officials makes it a hectic job for the auditor as he needs to verify all the mobile phone charges and the corresponding the records produced by this workforce that is paid off by the company. On the similar grounds, how the blockchain methodology works, read the source in order to enlighten your hungry mind.  Further, he has to ensure if

  • Any payment recoveries had been made by the employees if their calls and charges extended the permissible limits.
  • Additionally, he has to see if all the service tax credit notices and other related inputs issued by the telephone department are addressed in the name of the company or not.
  • Also, any liability with regard to FBI or the Fringe Benefits Tax on telephone bills has been correctly remitted to the corresponding authorizes after proper computation.
  • Finally, in case of any year-end adjustments made by the company, then it has to be timely registered in respect to the outstanding telephone bills and should be paid off with immediate effect.
  • Tally the total telephone expenditure to the overall company turnover and compare this value to the records of the previous year to ensure the extent of fairness in the records.

Apart from this telephonic communication, postal and internet emails are also widely employed by company officials to strengthen their contacts. So, an auditor has to keep note of such record books too. Some of these documents include the

  • The internal control scheme representing the details of petty cash transactions, the authorization segment regarding the postal courier services, the stamp duties and also the cash remitted for obtaining the official post covers.
  • The petty cash book also requires a thorough checking with respect to the postage entries made.
  • It is also advisable to compare the postage made or courier rate with the markings on the dispatch register and even the outward mailing register.
  • Proceed to verify all the acknowledgment forms received by the company in respect of postage expenses. Moreover, every registered post also needs to be evaluated for the conduct of an effective auditing process.
  • Bonds made with the courier company should be treated well by settling all the bills on a periodic basis and there should be an internal control strategy for regulating these payments.
  • Even the financial year end adjustments must be properly accounted for by referring the postage stamps left in the company office.
  • Analyze the financial statements to calculate the postage expenditure and compare it with the previous account to know if it is reasonable or not.

Benefits Of Using ICO As A Channel To Gather Funds For Your Small Business

Benefits Of Using ICO As A Channel To Gather Funds For Your Small Business

ICOs or initial coin offerings are identified as wonderful investment opportunities for the low budget investors. Here if you spend enough time to study about the ICO you choose you can reduce the money you have to spend while still not missing out on the profits. Crypto trading, trading, in general, can be simpler when you use trading bots and automated systems like QProfit System. You would also be able to find a detailed review about the bot you pick from several online resources. Backed up with this information you would be able to get a clear picture of where to start and how much to invest when you start trading. While so much convenience makes crypto trading profitable for investors, what are the ways in which businesses can benefit from the crypto boom? With several other financing options available why do businesses pick ICO as a source of collecting funds for increasing their capital?

ICOs can help small businesses who cannot think about IPOs

Established businesses that wish to gather funds might go public by offering an Initial Public Offering or IPO. But this is not something that a new venture could think of. The easier option here for small businesses is the ICO. The company can simply pick the type of crypto asset it wishes to trade for the real money that investors pour in.

ICOs can be marketing tools

When an ICO is launched, for the ICO to be successful there are several things that the business should take care of. When this is done and when the business manages to impress the crowd with its ICO yielding great profits not just for itself but also for the investors then this can be a great first impression to create in the public. Businesses with successful ICOs have managed to win the trust of the customers.

In the end, there is the steady flow of funds

When compared with the other methods of financing launching an ICO can be simpler when done right. There is also the flexibility that it offers makes it a great funding option for the small businesses. The funds could be gathered here for any purpose, unlike most bank loans which are clearly defined in terms of the purpose for which the loan amount can be utilized.

An ICO can thus be a profitable decision for a small business or a new venture. The key is to plan right so as to make the ICO successful.

How to Improve Your Product Presence in Digital Marketing

                               How to Improve Your Product Presence in Digital Marketing

The business model today has given a larger share of their advertisement and brand promotion to the digital source of marketing their business online, with the basics of promoting the business intact, the wider the scope of network the scope of taking the business, the better it is for the company’s future of having the footprints in various geographical locations. The more engaging the web page is, the more interesting it is for the users to hyper-focus on your content.

Between the different modes of digital advertising be it the social media, the video, audio and interactive content, the users are saturated that they give in at some point of time, that your product creates a niche for itself among the huge variety of products available. Finding a balance between what the customers, have already seen and the new and interesting lays the key to a successful strategy.

  • voice searches are becoming easier and including voice profile in the messages are high traffic pullers, content-wise and voices searches are increasingly becoming popular
  • bigger brands are now focusing to create quality content to move up in the internet searches and push their products to a larger audience
  • featured snippets in the top block of the search pages catch the attention of the viewers and improve the product presence online in digital space
  • optimizing the webpage is essential, with external and internal links that are strong, it helps in staying current and also engage the audience to go ahead and read or hear about the product more
  • with simple solutions, the concise is much clearer and the message that the customers will get is essential, whatever be the form of advertising the product the thought process should be clear and not meddle in competing or engaging a war of words
  • using the artificial intelligence, here the interaction with the customers using bots increases the ratio of higher viewability in QProfit System integrating the final goal and the product strategy

There is nothing like personalizing your services for the customers, whatever be their grievances, provide them with qualitative responses and try to work out a genuine solution for the problem that customers have or feel connected to the product cycle. Be it a software to suit all your business needs, design them is such a manner that product get the attention it seeks from the audience


Five processes you can automate as an online business

Five processes you can automate as an online business

The most valuable resource called time will be saved by automating processes whether you are starting an online business or you may be already in the trading. In order to help you to get success in your business, we have created the five processes that you can easily automate.

1) Social media

If you want to do the online business, the Qprofit system will make you to actively participate in the social media but it will be daunting if you are in the monthly campaign and found to be in the top of the daily post. You can use the online tool called Hoot suite to slash your time by half. It is free to use and you can access two social media accounts. But the paid option is recommended as you can actively post more.

2) Email

You can interact with your customer through email and it makes some difference. This is the simple method which brings back customer time again and again. As you know the value of leads in nurturing you have to keep your brand name in the customer’s mind. Therefore by email automation, leads can be managed by issuing target and scheduled content.

3) Scheduling meetings

Through your contact form, your potential clients can get in touch. Try to know what they want to say and thereby they will see your response. Determine that each of you is a good fit for one another. But you may not able to meet on a particular date. To solve this problem tools for sync with Google calendar and make schedule easy by linking them with the website and our clients will,l easily get to know when you are available.

4) Capturing Leads

You must have the ability to monitor and capture the leads if you are going to do online business. In order to identify and track the leads automation will help and make the relationship with the customer. There are two ways to do this called direct and indirect way. In the direct method in squeeze page you can directly approach email address from the customers and in turn, you can provide the discount product. In the indirect method, you can target the people who have visited your websites here.

5) Customer support

By automating the customer’s service you can lead the competition and you will be differentiated from the others. The queries which are generated every month will be decreased by creating the community or FAQs. Time can be managed by this and you can spend more time on sales. Zendesk is software which automates your process and makes an efficient workforce.

An Insight on Asset Allocation

An Insight on Asset Allocation


Resource allocation is a standout amongst the most essential strides in your portfolio administration procedure. The underlying advance for the monetary organizer is to decide the requisite rate of profit based on the money related objectives, hazard resistance and time period. The next step is to find out capital market desires, and additionally the normal return and expected unpredictability of every benefit classes and learn more about it.


Classifications of asset classes

Customary resource classes incorporate stocks, securities, and money


Elective resource classes incorporate common assets, commodities, land, private value, speculative stock investments


The next step is resource allocation where the monetary organizer builds up a system of the amount of cash to put resources into a particular resource class for you to accomplish your profit objective at a hazard level that you are capable and able to acknowledge. The commence of asset assignment is that every resource class has an alternate hazard and return trademark, in this manner giving the financial specialist chance for risk broadening benefits.


For what reason Is Asset Allocation Important?

The most critical advantage of resource designation is that it gives expansion and enables the financial specialist to deal with the danger of the portfolio. While the vast majority do comprehend this idea, they would even now center around which speculation would beat or whether value markets would fluctuate. Despite the fact that these are essential contemplations, numerous expert cash administrators trust that resource distribution is the most critical choice for the financial specialists.


Various Asset Allocation Strategies

The most critical elements in deciding the resource blend are hazard resistance and time period. A person with a more drawn out time period and greater hazard resilience ought to naturally shift their portfolio toward stocks.


Along these lines, it is essential to adopt an all-encompassing strategy in building up a benefit distribution technique. The different kinds of asset designation systems are:


  • Strategic asset allocation

This system is a trained approach that includes doling out weights to various resource classes based on a financial specialist’s hazard and profit goals and the capital market desires.


  • Tactical asset allocation

While the previous allotment is executed over the long haul, this distribution enables speculators to create deviations for short periods from resource weights doled out in key resource designation methodology. These transient deviations are accomplished by executing a reasonably dynamic system.



Resource distribution is the most imperative piece of the portfolio development procedure. It can be entirely inactive in nature or can turn into an extremely dynamic process. Note that an advantage blend for one individual might be totally improper for another.

Finance Managing Departments

Finance Managing Departments

Every company consists of a department that will manage their finance which is a separately present to handle all the money matter and it is known as the finance department. This software whose source is here also includes different departments that manage different issues. They have a head person who is a chief officer and they are known as “controller”. Some other names by which the chief officer is known as by other companies are Vice-President of Finance, Financial Director, Financial Manager and Treasure.

Depending upon the activities they will manage, the finance department is commonly divided into many subsections:

  • Wage accounts
  • Financial accounts
  • Taxes
  • Audit
  • Budgeting
  • Cost accounts
  • Financial planning
  • Cash
  • Credit collection

On the other hand below are listed common departments that the finance of the company is managed by.

  • Audit department
  • Cost accounts department
  • Financial planning and budgeting department
  • Credit department
  • Cash department
  • Accounting department

Audit Department

Auditing of records of finance and accounting is done by the audit department. It also does detection of inconsistency in finance following which, if it can be prevented, it prevents it and correction of errors is carried out. If there are any malpractices, that also is identified by this department. All the expenses that have happened within the company are examined by them and if money has been spent unnecessarily and unauthorized spending has happened, it will indicate the management towards that.

Cost Accounts Department

In the sector of manufacturing and production if there are any problems with finance and the different types of costing all is dealt by cost accounts department.

Financial Planning and Budgeting Department

Plan design preparation to acquire funds and utilizing it in the best way is done by this department. Budget is the form in which presentation of these plans is done. The budget acts both like a tool as for planning and also a tool to control. Budget is used as a standard using which this department controls the real activities of finance.

Credit Department

Functions performed by this department is completed under the control of treasurer. Supervision of full sales on credit is done by the credit department. It also puts in efforts to collect the credit policies of the company on time. The creditworthiness of the consumers is also known for collecting information about it.

Cash Department

This department is also under the control of the treasurer. All the money funds are received and payments are made on behalf of the company.

Accounting Department

An accountant is in charge of this department. Every single transaction that happens is kept a record of by this.

Meditate to be more successful in business

Meditate to be more successful in business

While everyone knows by now that meditation is important to maintain health and keep stress at bay, it is only recently that the business community has actually taken meditation seriously and has realized its many benefits and importance. Several famous investors meditate regularly. In fact, companies like Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank have programs for their employees in this field. Some famous Universities like Oxford and New York State University to offer meditation courses.

What is all the out roar about?

First and foremost, everyone should understand is that meditation has no religious base; you do not have to adorn the saffron robes and relegate to the mountains to meditate. Meditation is a state of mind where your mind is just still and not jumping from one branch of thought to another like a mad monkey. Thus, meditation is nothing but being completely aware of your own self, being able to visualize and monitor everything without actually becoming a part of it.

Almost every individual must have had a meditative experience without realizing that they were meditating. A meditation where the mind is removed from the action completely; where the constant chatter within you ceases to exist and where you feel completely at peace. For example, if you are confused whether you must invest in the online trading platform QProfit System, while you must go to the source and find out more, you can also meditate to visualize better the overall picture and know if you taking the right decision.

Why should business people and financial folk mediate?

To be a successful trader, investment banker or a businessman you must have a clear head at all times; every decision that you make can be a game changer. The world of finance is very stress filled and it is not wondering that individuals burn out very fast here. But when you learn the art of meditation you will realize that you are in better control of your overall emotional health and are more capable of handling any ups and downs that come your way.

Scientifically too it has been proven that meditation helps; it has been seen that meditation improves areas of the brain that aid in long-term memory. Once you start meditating you will respond to a situation and not react – a very important character that traders must possess.

Several entrepreneurs and investors meditate regularly because they have realized that this simple act gives them the strength to go on and plan something new each day; they feel more in control of their lives and less stressed than others.



Which Matters The Most – Saving Vs. Investing?

Which Matters The Most – Saving Vs. Investing?

Is saving more important or investing? Are they both not the same? The long-term purpose might be the same. You take out a portion of your income and set it aside for future expenses. But then how you accumulate the surplus and how frequently you grow the funds as well as how your funds fetch you interest rates all bring the differences between saving and investing. If you are still confused about which one matters the most, understand that saving and investing are both important. Only if you start saving would you be able to start investing. And once you start investing you should also be able to take out a little of the returns for your savings. They work together to make your financially independent. Given that both are important the key is to learn when to save and when to invest.

Situations where you should save-

When you structure your financials you should have details about your short-term financial goals and your long-term plans. Savings are ideal for short-term considerations. If you have a large amount of money then leaving it in a savings account would be of no use as even the most efficient savings accounts have relatively low-interest rates. Here are a few situations where savings would be a better option –

  • You have a very small sum of money that you would like to put aside
  • You are expecting sudden expenses and so you need a liquidity that allows you to easily access your funds anytime
  • You cannot accept even the smallest risks when you have to put aside the money at hand- monetary risks as well as time-based risks

Long-term implications

Investments are picked mainly because, in the long run, they get you better returns. Some types of investments like trading make it easy even to multiply your investment capital. So if you have a large amount at hand, but if you are unwilling to take risks to look for secure long-term investments offered by trusted banks and financial institutions. Long tenure investments mostly come with more affordable tax norms and lower risks. Though investments are important you should never stop saving. When you save enough to invest in a reliable investment plan then you can instantly move your funds.

For saving there are savings accounts. Know that today there is plenty of variety in savings accounts and there are many that give competitive interest rates as well. For investments, there are bot advisors and bot traders like QProfit System. Find a source where you can learn more about the applications of bot traders and the benefits they offer.

Finance Trading

Finance Trading

Finance business or currency trading is a popular form of trading methodologies that exist all around the world. Currency or money is the essential component of a human being to exist in this beautiful world. It is the major form of trading that many people choose as it yields higher profits when traded with prior experience and knowledge.

The value of financial trading can only be understood by a professional experienced trader who has undergone all the ups and downs throughout his life of trading and the same will be applicable to know about the drawbacks too. There are so many strategies formulated by the professional traders to help the novice traders. Even novice traders can formulate their own by following the market daily. We can also say for an example QProfit systems.

Practice and innovations in the field by working our many strategies bring success throughout the trading career. Even there are books that give a clear picture of the methodologies written by famous traders like Warren Buffet the books that were written by other traders inspired by the professional and experienced traders. For an example, we can take “The Warren Buffet Way” book which is available in many forms to help the Novice traders.

Finance trading has effects from both domestic conditions and from international market changes. Traders should pay keen attention to the drastic changes in the market. So many financial sectors or banks actively take part in or facilitate finance trading. Financial trading is all about buying and selling processes. Selling and buying at the right time is the most essential part of it. Missing out the timings might lead the traders to face big losses and of course, timely trades lead the traders to unimaginable profits too.

Finance trading includes the exchange of cash or shares and it can also be a foreign exchange (FOREX). FOREX trading is a popular finance trading method where many people show their interest in. Financial trading commonly happens at the trade centers where all the effects of trading and the effects from the traders reflect. It is highly volatile and it requires constant monitoring throughout the trading times and whenever the market is open. The market timings differ from a country to country and so it becomes an important point for the market’s volatile condition. It is the trader’s sole responsibility to take care of their financial trading.


What Advantages Of A Company’s Internal Control Attract An Auditor To Rely On It?

What Advantages Of A Company’s Internal Control Attract An Auditor To Rely On It?

There are times when the auditor depends on the details presented after the internal control of a business organization and he has significant reasons for relying on it. One such reason is that an internal control strategy is employed by the management of the company for the benefit of safeguarding its assets like the QProfit System. The other values include

  1. An internal audit renders the audit assurance. An auditor requires the satisfaction that all the accounting system of the company are in order and all the information regarding the business transactions are adequately recorded.
  2. It is an essential part of the audit programme itself. The examination and verification of the internal control system form an integral sequence of the overall audit programme.
  3. It assists in the process of audit planning. The primary step of an auditor is to analyze the account details of the business and an internal control will help in determining the nature, period and level of the audit procedures to be employed.

The review phase of internal control enables the auditor to identify

  1. If in case, any fraud plays or errors are happening in the process of business operation that could affect the business economy.
  2. If there is an effective internal control in use and if it is working as per plan by the company officials.
  3. If there is an established internal audit department existing within the organization.
  4. Whether a supervisor is kept for administering the overall working of this control scheme mainly during the stressed periods of the business.

There can be chances that a false play occurs during the employee recruitment process and its enrolment and the tricksters record the dummy names in the wage sheet which forms an important case to be examined by the auditor. In addition to this, the auditor should be able to understand the extent to which the functioning and recording of business transactions are concerned.

An auditor’s responsibility after evaluating the internal control strategy includes

  • The auditor needs to ascertain that the account transactions occur in compliance with the company authorization and so, the assets are safeguarded accordingly.
  • Further, he must take care of the internal control system of the organization that it becomes an effective tool for carrying out the main auditing programme for the same.

This means the accounting details should be timely recorded in the most precise manner.