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Strategy To Be Successful In Business

Strategy To Be Successful In Business

Entrepreneurship is the most rewarding, as it’s like raising a child, but without any prior experience and manual for it. you never know what tantrums it throws and how to react to it!! business is a new experience for all of us, and for a start-up, it’s a lot more challenging.

Every person is different and so are their ideas! No 2 ideas will work same in 2 same scenarios, there are a lot of factors that change them. what is constantly being the hard work, your goal and plans and the strategy that you use to track the path?

The strategy is the way we plan to do something and the standards we set for the working. So, here are a few business strategies that will surely bring you success.


As they say, “a slave can be a king”! the experience while being a slave will enable a person to be a king, and the lessons that life brings will be worthwhile. So, never hesitate to be available for anything in your work line, jump into action whenever needed. Don’t hesitate or stay back in doing small jobs, you can even do some cost-cutting there.

Customer first:

Your strategy should include mostly the customers, without them there is no business and there is no space for you!! so, put your customer in the first place and see what changes will bring in good and what’s better. you need to offer discounts and rewards to keep them coming for more, in case you want referrals then you need to work on your quality. Just like how the cryptocurrency platforms offer various rewards and coins for the work you do; check out the Qprofit system review which will clarify all your doubts.

Stay positive in competition:

A healthy competition is necessary to keep you going for more. Competition though might not be good; a good caused competition is really great. You can grow and outgrow only when you are competing with somebody else. So, keep the clock ticking at you. keep the improvements option always open and constantly monitor the facilities and features.

Have a rough measure of success:

Success has a varied definition in every context. For a few, success means getting what they like, for others success is seeing their talent being exposed and valued, for others success is their sales of by-products or their work.

Have a passion for the things you do, measure every time you win, have the counts and tell yourself, about the right path that you might be on.

Running A Business: Be Smart

Running A Business: Be Smart

We all have dreams of making our business grow big and experience financial freedom. But, not many are blessed to have that! There is a lot of efforts and smart planning and going out of the boxes required to achieve success in business.

Tough competition challenges from all corners, experience and knowledge base; everything comes into picture when you start a business of your own. In case you have started, then probably you need to concentrate on mastering the art.

We have seen recently that anything can create avenues for earning, like the cryptocurrency which has now become a boon to many. There are many platforms created that helps in trading, investing on crypto as there are no specific authorities to regulate the movement of crypto, the Qprofit system review will give you a fair idea about how a business should be, and how strong should the foundation be!!

Well, read on few tips for an efficient planning in business, that’s useful and free of cost:

Accounts, money, and finances:

Well, all of these might mean the same to you, but whatever they literally mean, the management of them should be good. managing finances in business, maintaining the accounts of all the expenses and income, along with any savings, planning to save and expand the business all these needs eagle eye to be taken care of, without a loss in a penny.

Be in time in invoicing:

Yes, when its time to take out invoices of your own, or any supplier, or if you need to send invoices then it’s the time to do. Don’t procrastinate the work, of paying the invoices.

Have a control over your marketing:

These days marketing techniques are the highly invested in. There are lots of ways of marketing, that can be done DIY, or can be invested up to thousands of dollars; the choice is ours. But, spending thousands doesn’t assure you great business, but maybe the cost can be minimized and utilized for something else productive. Marketing can be done via free or partially paid social media platforms that have become highly effective modes of connecting.

Take loans when you are already half the way through necessity:

We take loans normally when we run out of finances! But, this policy doesn’t work well with business! If you apply for a loan when you don’t have money, then the business would come to a halt!! So, prepare yourself, when you reach the halfway mark and keep your money levels same; work towards repaying them.



New To Business!

New To Business!

Being in business is like being in your own home, all alone!! You have the best of staying at your comfort place, but at the same time, you have all the possibilities of being accustomed to the comfort zone, which disables your growth.

So, entrepreneurship has its own merits and demerits. We have to concentrate on the positive and try to grow with it, rather than complaining of problems. Many people fail because they refuse to get up when they fall; business is a roller coaster ride, ups and downs are a part of the Qprofit system review, which is a well-known and legit crypto trading platform, that has

you need to put in double of your efforts, double up your work time and spend sleepless nights to make it work the way you wanted. You need to compromise on many things, and occasions and work collectively with people around you to see the positive changes and results.

Here are some tips for you succeed in the business, whichever field it can be:

Make the path of the Vision:

Every business owning company will surely have one vision. This vision enables you to trace your path when the path isn’t clear. As we said, business is a roller coaster ride, which might make you fall deep. But your vision shouldn’t fade away. Having a vision, goal, and mission set at the beginning will ensure that you travel in the path no matter how rough or patchy it can get.

The path wouldn’t definitely be full of roses, and blushes! But, you can surely expect some rough terrains, mud pits and holes and also some deep threats, how you overcome them is important and that’s where the vision comes!! If you don’t have a vision, then you will be lost in the darkness.

Have patience and perseverance:

Yes, these 2 are important tools that you cannot do or run a business without. With a vision in mind, perseverance and patience will take you a long way and in an unimagined path. There may be halts in your business, there may be bad scenarios and worst things happening, but having the patience and continuing forward will take you to your destined place. change and results will take some time to reflect and you will have to wait for it.

Be flexible with your plan:

We always have the habit of ranting when our plans do go accordingly but in business, it’s of no use!! Sometimes plans go haywire, and you need to remain calm and have another plan in mind to travel.


Meditate to be more successful in business

Meditate to be more successful in business

While everyone knows by now that meditation is important to maintain health and keep stress at bay, it is only recently that the business community has actually taken meditation seriously and has realized its many benefits and importance. Several famous investors meditate regularly. In fact, companies like Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank have programs for their employees in this field. Some famous Universities like Oxford and New York State University to offer meditation courses.

What is all the out roar about?

First and foremost, everyone should understand is that meditation has no religious base; you do not have to adorn the saffron robes and relegate to the mountains to meditate. Meditation is a state of mind where your mind is just still and not jumping from one branch of thought to another like a mad monkey. Thus, meditation is nothing but being completely aware of your own self, being able to visualize and monitor everything without actually becoming a part of it.

Almost every individual must have had a meditative experience without realizing that they were meditating. A meditation where the mind is removed from the action completely; where the constant chatter within you ceases to exist and where you feel completely at peace. For example, if you are confused whether you must invest in the online trading platform QProfit System, while you must go to the source and find out more, you can also meditate to visualize better the overall picture and know if you taking the right decision.

Why should business people and financial folk mediate?

To be a successful trader, investment banker or a businessman you must have a clear head at all times; every decision that you make can be a game changer. The world of finance is very stress filled and it is not wondering that individuals burn out very fast here. But when you learn the art of meditation you will realize that you are in better control of your overall emotional health and are more capable of handling any ups and downs that come your way.

Scientifically too it has been proven that meditation helps; it has been seen that meditation improves areas of the brain that aid in long-term memory. Once you start meditating you will respond to a situation and not react – a very important character that traders must possess.

Several entrepreneurs and investors meditate regularly because they have realized that this simple act gives them the strength to go on and plan something new each day; they feel more in control of their lives and less stressed than others.



Tax Filing Info and Details

Tax Filing Info and Details

We all know that every year, at the end of the financial year, each of us needs to file our taxes and pay up any tax amount that is applicable to our income tax bracket.

Every nation has their own way of collecting the taxes, and even every state have their own way of defining the tax brackets. But, the tax is a basic revenue for any government to run their governance.

Well, if you are a taxpayer in any part of the globe, then you need to think of these things and keep in mind while doing so.

You need to file a tax payment, even if you are not eligible to pay tax:

Yes, most of us ignore the whole tax payment policy if we don’t fall in the bracket. But, understand that it’s important to file your tax statement though you aren’t paying up tax. Filing up a return even if you don’t need to pay tax is essential; failing to which you are liable to pay penalty. You have options to pay the taxes by credit cards or even any other mode as stated and approved by your tax authorities but do the filing before the last date.

Well, we are sure that many of us are forced to pay the taxes, which sometimes exceeds our shopping bills and groceries, due to the part of the nation we live in. But, a rule is a rule!! so, how do we pay less tax, or save more money for ourselves? Here is an option, and it’s up to you to utilize! Get involved with the crypto investment and trading and earn more than you can think of!! Guess what, they are tax-free; the income you earn from that doesn’t need to be payable as tax!!! So, what are you waiting for, go on and get enrolled!!

Back to the basics, for newbies!!

Due date is important and its there for a reason:

Yes, we all tend to have a bad memory, but not with the tax department, you need to constantly remind yourself of the taxpaying day. There is a due date given directly by the tax department to all individuals and the institutions, organizations. You need to adhere to it, failing which will include penalty and interest at a fast pace, and may also include a statute of limitations. So, to avoid a lot of hassles, it’s better than you pay up your taxes or even file at the least before the due date and request for an extension before in hand. Once the time lapses, nobody can rescue you!

This one could never let me down, I knew!

I have made terrible decisions in life!

I know I have been at the worst of times economically and I have smartened up eventually. One thing I have realized is that when you realize that there is no use crying over the spilled milk you have moved on and in all probability learned a lesson in life.

I cannot prudishly say that they were just learning curves:

I have been arrogant and rather impulsive in my choice of investment and I would like to take the entire blame on myself for trying to get more out of the investment that I was making. What would happen was that instead of being able to make a little extra money I would end up with a bid to lose all my investment and that was not a very great thing from the way things were looking in my bank balance.

Then HBSwiss happened:

Here was a program that was no different from others in terms of its website and its sales pitch but the moment I saw it I knew that this was a place I was originally always meant for. Now it does make me sound dramatic but you know that déjà vu feeling; it was there when I hit upon the website for the first time.

I had a couple of friend’s recommendations on it:

These friends were doing extremely well in life with a stable day job and they used to trade online on this software for a couple of hours before calling it a day. I knew that if things were so rosy, there was something really good about the software

Negative testimonials:

The day I did a little bit of research on the internet on this software, I realized that there were a lot of people who had claimed to have had a bad experience with the software. But I did take solace in the fact that a lot of it is negative controversy surrounding perfectly legit software.

Don’t deposit any money unless you are sure about its credentials. Let me try and tell you this:

Read more at this website first. Only if you are convinced and totally convinced about it you go ahead and try their demo account first. And when you think that the software may be the right place for you go ahead and initiate a trading account with them. There is absolutely no hurry. You can take your own time to determine and once you start winning you will want to thank me!


The whole process of accommodation is supported by World Trade Center Poznan


Mrs. Joanna Ros
phone +48 61 865 38 69
mobile +48 609 678 321


To make your hotel reservation please follow the steps below:

Create your on-line account at first, then go to accommodation process.

Use the same login and password as for congress/exhibition registration.

The recommended hotels are mostly in the city center, within walking distance from the venue – Poznan International Fair – and at the heart of Poznan public transport network – railway and bus station, fast tram line and city bus.

The hotels and hostels have been inspected and verified by the organizers and assigned comfort stars according to the facilities offered. For delegates and participants, the accommodation and food charges can be included in the registration fees if booked prior, along with the registration. You can also read the reviews of these accommodations on the major internet sites and blogs. This will help you to know about the experiences of previous visitors and help you get prepared accordingly. For example, will help you to analyze whether this software can help you with your trading investment.

For combined charges, you have to do the following steps online:

Go to the aforementioned site given for accommodation using the user id and password and the accommodation page. You will get the complete list of accommodations with a tie-up with the Congress.

Select the accommodation and the number of days and proceed. You will see an option to combine charges. Click on the option and you get the online invoice. Make the payment using any of the modes and confirm. You get exempted from any tax charges on transport and accommodation on combined registration beforehand. There are no cancellation charges for prior payment.

The possibility of accommodation in hostels and good quality apartments located close to or with convenient transport connection to the venue.

The accommodation charge for 5* hotel is around PLN 800 – 1200 (EUR 195 – 300), 4* – PLN 400 – 800 (EUR 100 – 195), 3* – PLN 200 – 500 (EUR 50 – 125).

Please book your hotel as soon as possible as prices can change when conference deadline is approaching.

Below you can see some of recommended hotels.



For hotel booking up to 5 rooms please use the reservation platform of WORLD TRADE CENTER POZNAŃ

For group booking over 5 rooms please submit your e-mail inquiry to:

Mrs. Joanna Ros
phone +48 61 865 38 69
fax. +48 61 866 61 34
mobile +48 609 678 321

Some of the recommended hotels:

5* Sheraton Hotel, City Park Residence

4* Novotel Centrum, Mercure Hotel, IBB Andersia Hotel, Puro Hotel, Moderno Hotel

3* Novotel Malta Hotel, HP Park Hotel, Wloski Hotel, Ikar Hotel


Delegates Registration

If you want to join any program, there are so many details required that it takes a while to fill in the forms. It is also said that nothing comes free. Every program needs some kind of fee or recurring charges are deducted from time to time.But three are some people who do not mind sharing their wealth of knowledge with others and that too without charging any fee. These are experienced in ways of the world and realize that sharing knowledge with others does not diminish their wealth but increases their happiness.

Similarly, there are experts who review online websites and assess them for other common people. They realize that their expertise and keen eyes can be used for the betterment of others and their reviews may help others in making some money. One such website regularly brings details of online trading portals and gives completely unbiased and fair assessment. The recent review about CryptoCFDTrader once again reiterated the value of online digital currency trading programs. This is a sophisticated and efficient program, that deals in CFD trading and helps people to get a taste of virtual currency market. It has been developed with a lot of care given to every aspect. The creator has enough experience in the trading market and therefore, he knows the requirement of the people. the features created by him make this an amazing experience. It is easy to use and that is evident in the testimonials given by people. Try it with confidence as it has been proven to be a reliable program.

Registration Categories
• Dentist Delegate
• Hygienist / Technicians / Therapists
• Assistant / Office Emmployees
• Dental Student
• Accompanying Person
enlarge the map

Registration Fee

Registration Type Early Bird
upto 31st May 2016
upto 28th August 2016
Onsite Fee
Dentist Delegate 420,00 € 480,00 € 2400,00 PLN
Dentist Delegate – one day participation 160,00 € 200,00 € 1100 PLN
Hygienist*/ Assistant*/ Technicians* / Therapists* 250,00 € 300,00 € 1300 PLN
Office Emmployees* 130,00 € 180,00 € 1050,00 PLN
Dental Student* 130,00 € 180,00 € 1000,00 PLN
Commercial and Industrial Representatives* 130,00 € 180,00 € 1000,00 PLN
Accompanying Person 50,00 € 50,00 € 250,00 PLN

All prices are in EUR. All prices include VAT.

*Proof of status is required. Category “Dental Student” is not applicable for Phd and specialty students.

Delegate fee includes:
– Congress name badge,
– Congress pocket programme,
– Entrance to scientific sessions and exhibition area,
– Opening Ceremony,
– All scientific documentation

Accompanying Person registration fee includes:
– Entrance to the exhibition area,
– Congress name badge,
– Opening Ceremony
– Poznan city tour »read more«

Cancellation Policy:
• All booked registration services cancelled before June 15th, 2016 are 50% refundable.
• No refunds for cancellations made after June 15th, 2016
• All cancellation must be done in writting
• All refunds will be executed after the end of the FDI 2016 AWDC



IP geolocation provider


Date: 2016, September 8
Time: 7.00 pm
Venue: Teatr Animacji, 80/82 Św. Marcin Street, 61-809 Poznań

Details: Paris, February 17, 1673, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin (also known as Molière) plays the leading role in The Imaginary Invalid. During the performance he gets an attack of a choking cough, which makes his performance more convincing. A few hours later he dies at home.

You know exactly how costly hotels are nowadays and if I wanted one in the heart of the city which was also only walking distance from the venue of the Congress meeting, I definitely had to shell out more. I was thinking about my financial strategies when I noticed that another friend was already through her booking. I asked her if she had won a lottery to which she graciously laughed. Of course, she told me about the latest thing that she was up to. It is a new software called the HBSwiss that helps her make supplementary income. She said that while it was okay to slog it out for some extra, this was one of the ways she could do without actually slogging it out. You may please click the following post to know what it was that she was up to and now even I can afford the reservation at the costly hotel. Yippie!

This story inspired Neville Tranter to do a performance about one of the greatest French actors and playwrights. It is a story of a man torn between being faithful to his ideals and adjusting his life to harsh reality. Molière wished to devote himself entirely to art, however, too many obstacles stood in his way: a lack of money, miserable actors, a moody wife, poor health and influential people with whom he was conflicted. Speech defect shattered his dreams of great and serious roles. Being forever condemned to a jester hat, like no one else, he could present the tragedy of human existence wearing a comical costume.

The story that Neville Tranter tells us using puppets is a story of a struggle of a great writer and an old man – with his weaknesses, temptations and memories. Characters who are present in his last days of life are suspended between realism and imagination. They are neither people closes to him nor characters from his written and unwritten works. Human size grotesque puppets additionally emphasise the fact of being torn between what is here and now, and what is infinite.

The performance takes the form of commedia dell’arte. It is also dualistic as it entertains and moves at the same time.

Spectacle with English subtitles

Tickets: 30 PLN and 25 PLN

Spectator service office:
ph. +48 61 853 69 64, e-mail:

Exhibition for visitors

Entrance to the exhibition is free for all registered visitors and congress participants. Free entry card to the exhibition can be generated after on-site registration. Registration on-site will be possible at Western Entrance (from Śniadeckich Str.) and Eastern Entrance (in front of the Main Railway Station, from Roosevelta Str.) of the Poznań International Fair grounds.

I was doing my reservation for the hotel because I didn’t want to be too late for the onsite registrations, and what do I accidentally hit upon! I have been mulling over the idea of online trading in cryptocurrency for a long time but things were just not moving in the right direction. This morning a browser opened telling me about the best offer from a super website called Fintech Ltd. it was almost like some prayer being answered!

Venue: Poznan International Fair ltd,
Głogowska Street 14,
PL 60-734 Poznań, Poland
read more
Dates: 7th – 10th September 2016

Opening hours:
September 7 9:00 – 17:30
September 8 9:00 – 18:00
September 9 9:00 – 18:00
September 10 9:00 – 18:00



point Get a letter of invitation
plan_tripPoland is part of the Schengen Agreement. A valid passport entitles EU and North American citizens to a three-month stay in Poland.
Visas are usually not required but non-EU citizens are advised to check with the Embassy of Poland.
Visitors needing a visa for entry to Poland are strongly advised to make their application in their home country well in advance. more details

point Get a discount on your plane fare
planeLufthansa Group Partner Airlines offer special prices and conditions to participants, visitors, exhibitors, invited guests as well as employees of the Contracting partner and their travel companions. For more details go to Official carrier
Other means of transport
Maybe car or train is more suitable for you so in this case for more details go to How to get to…

point Book the hotel
The recommended hotels are mostly in the city center, within walking distance from the venue – Poznan International Fair – and at the heart of Poznan public transport network – railway and bus station, fast tram line and city bus.
There is also a possibility of accommodation in hostels and good quality apartments located close to or with convenient transport connection to the venue. For more details go to Hotels

point Visit the most beautiful places of our country
gothicPoland is a country of rich history and cultural heritage, beautiful nature with Europe’s oldest primeval forest, monuments located on the UNESCO Heritage List, friendly people and great cuisine.
We will give you the opportunity to visit the best and most recognizable cities and places in Poland. You can take home unforgettable experiences taking part in tours we have prepared for you:

rogalepoint Half day tours – You can see the Poznan architecture, take part in an unforgettable journey through distant continents, amongst the rich flora of various climatic zones in Palm House, visit Croissant Museum and The LECH Brewery Centre, or have a fun in Pyrland Park and Aqua Park–Termy Maltanskie see details

zamekpoint One day tours – You can relax at the Spa 1306 – a
source of natural beauty, visit The Kornik Castle or Rogalin Palace, The Wolsztyn Engine House – a real, working roundhouse that has been fully operational for more than 100 years where you can see red-hot, belching out steam locos. We also recommend to visit open-air archeological museum in Biskupin and ethnographic park in Dziekanowice see details

bialowiezapoint Pre-congress tours – the wide offer of 3- or 4-day tours around Poland during which you will have opportunity to:
– visit castles and learn their legends, siteseeing Torun – the town of Nicolaus Copernicus and try delicious gingerbread, see the pearls of Lower Silesia with unique Peace Church in Swidnica which is on the Unesco World Heritage List
– see historical and industrial architecture especially the Salt Mine “Wieliczka” Museum included in the Unesco Human Heritage List
– visit the places associated with the life of our genius composer Fryderyk Chopin and optionally a live music Chopin concert
– visit Gdansk – city of amber and “Solidarnosc” and Oliwa Cathedral with organ concert also Malbork Castle – the largest Medieval Castle in Europe registered on the Unesco World Heritage List
– see unmemorable landscapes in Land of Thousand Lakes or immerse yourself in Bialowieza – the last prehistoric wooden complex in Europe see details

jewishpoint After-congress tours – after the congress we would like to invite you to 3- or 4-day trips to:
– visit castles of Lower Silesia including Ksiaz Castle – third biggest castle in Poland
– explore and feel the climate of classical music during the tour “Chopin the great composer”
– visit towns with beautiful and monumental gothic architecture
– visit places connected with Jewish heritage and the Holocaust during the II World War
– explore Unesco sites in Crakow and Warsaw or visit Three-City see details

If you are interest of another places in Poland, not mentioned in proposed tours, we will prepare the tailor-made tours only for you.

Learn more about our country here