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Preliminary Programme

preliminary programme
download preliminary programme

As of to 1st of April, detailed and complete programme is visible by clicking on “Congress Programme”

The Program schedule is divided into three sections and all the sections will be conducted in the same venue. The three sections are:

  1. Presentations and proposals: The speakers give presentations on various topics of their choice, present the work of their thesis or research in the related science, demonstrations of different techniques in the field of dentistry, new developments taking place around the world and in their vicinity and future collaborations.
  2. Workshop: The participants can try their hand at new techniques of diagnosis, treatment, and management, new methods of operation and usage of the latest instruments in their field in the workshop. There will be experienced instructors in the arena to help the participants and even provide them after-program assistance. Dental students can test their disease management efficiency and surgical precision in the workshop and also witness patient demonstration as live.
  3. Exhibition: The amphitheater around the main auditorium will host the various posters, brochures, still models and working models in the field of dentistry. The companies providing dental devices and instruments will keep their live demonstrations in this area. Dental students are welcome to present their studies in the forms that can be exhibited in this section.

The main auditorium will host the presentation and speakers sections and the surrounding amphitheater will host the exhibition and workshop. Since both the venues surround the same area, participants will be able to shift from one section to another easily and take part in multiple sections at the same time. You can attend the workshop and also witness the events taking place in the auditorium. Closed circuit monitors are placed strategically to give persons sitting in all corners of the full venue the complete proceedings happening in the presentations.

Prior registration of the programs is recommended to chart the time schedule and avoid overlapping of events. Registration can be done by mail or through the app released with the event. The app adds smartness and convenience to the Congress, making it competitive in the new world where cryptocurrency and Ethereum Code are ruling the Internet. Spot registration for participants is permitted in selected events. Three-time meals and refreshments will be arranged for all the participants and event conductors within the venue premises. The participants will also get a free toolkit and dental encyclopedia with the program.

Hands-on courses

Local Organising Committee invites dental practitioners to participate in “hands on” practical courses.

Hands on courses are available for FDI Congress participants only.

Click here to check courses programme

Click here to check terms of participation

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Click here to register as a Congress participant: register now

Congress programme

Delegates who have registered for the Congress are eligible to receive continuing education points by attending scientific sessions throughout the Congress. Certificates will be available for download after the Congress.

Main scientific sessions: 1 credit per hour of lecture, max 7 per day.

To get the credit(s) for one session, participants need to attend the full session.

Click here to check terms of participation in Congress

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All the lectures will be translated simultaneously

Discover Poznań


Poznan is a place where the energy of the countries of the New Europe intermingles with the culture of Western civilisations. This metropolis, housing over half-a-million residents, is located in the area of Poland which is developed best. It lies closer to Berlin than to Warsaw. You can always rely on Poznan’s residents – they are well-educated, open-minded and competent.

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Poznan backs its methods to achieve success, bolstered with an over-1000-year-old efficiency tradition. Here, even the most ambitious ventures and the boldest visions can have a chance to come to fruition. It is here where the Polish nation was born, and where the only successful Polish uprising – The Greater Poland Uprising – was ignited, which further confirms the resourcefulness of Poznan’s citizens. Poznan can also pride itself on its sporting infrastructure, which allows it to organise even the most important international sporting events.

Poznan was one of the UEFA EURO 2012™ host cities, and it features one of the most charmingly-located regatta courses in the world. The Greater Poland capital also hosts the largest street race in Poland – the famous Poznan Marathon. The football world is familiar with the most passionate football supporters in Poland – Lech Poznan’s fans. The Poznan brand spreads as well to the largest and the most important fairs in Poland and popular cultural events: the “Maltafestival” – Poland’s largest alternative films festival, the “Made in Chicago Festival”, which is the only festival in Europe featuring the Chicago school of jazz, the “Animator Festival” – Poland’s largest animated films festival, the “Ethno Port Festival” – deemed to be one of the 25 best world music festivals in the world, and, finally, there is the “Transatlantyk” Poznan International Film and Music Festival.

As we carry out our professional ventures with equal ease as we spend our time in a creative fashion, we tend to think of Poznan as a City of Work and a City of Play.

Poznan is the important center of trade, culture, higher education and science ( there are 27 universities in the city, educating more than 121,000 students). Poznań is home to many foreign investments. Automotive, pharmacy, food, production and logistic sectors dominate among them. The cumulative value of direct foreign investment implemented in the city amounted to 7.1 billion USD. The biggest investors are Volkswagen, GSK, Bridgestone, Wrigley, SABMiller. Poznan is also host to the IT, design and financial and accounting centres of well-known companies like Microsoft, Carlsberg, MAN, Duni, Bertelsmann, GlaxoSmithKline, Kimball Electronics and Roche. City of Poznań also possess many plots for sale with great investment potential that should interest companies that are looking for an excellent location for their planned commercial projects. Fitch Rating give the rating to Poznan of A- with a stable outlook. This year Poznan again received 2nd place after Warsaw in Forbes ranking according to investment attractiveness.

Poznan in numbers
► Population – 650,000
► Polish capital of design – in architecture, communication and fashion
► Green city with green areas taking up more than 27%
► 582 environmentally friendly companies operating in the city
► Biggest conference and congress center in Poland
► Over 13,000 places in Poznań hotels, of which the majority are located near the Poznań Congress Center
► Convenient flight and railway connections with the rest of Europe
► Stroller-friendly – top tourist attractions and amenities within easy reach

rynek browar starowka
Poznań – Rynek / The Old Town Poznań – Stary Browar Poznań – The Old Town


bryczka ratusz uliczka
Poznań – The Old Town

photos by ©Polska Organizacja Turystyczna

Programme – Congress speakers

Adamus Christoper Biography
Alcoforado Gil Biography
Antoun Hadi Biography
Bednarz Wojciech Biography
Bekiesz Wojciech Biography
Bentahar Zakaria Biography
Benz Christoph Biography
Better Hadar Biography
Bourgeois Denis Biography
Bożyk Andrzej Biography
Breschi Lorenzo Biography
Brugnera Aldo Biography
Brus-Sawczuk Katarzyna Biography
Budziłło Remigiusz Biography
Cannon James Biography
Cerkaski Bartosz Biography
Ciaputa Tomasz Biography
Cochet Jean-Yves Biography
Conejo Julian Biography
Convissar Robert Biography
Czerwiński Maciej Biography
Czochrowska Ewa Monika Biography
Czupryniak Leszek Biography
Daubländer Monika Biography
Debelian Gilberto Biography
Demirel Korkud Biography
Dominiak Marzena Biography
Dorney Brett Biography
Duda Mariusz Biography
Dudkowski Michał Biography
Eden Ece Biography
Elamin Fadil Biography
Emerich Katarzyna Biography
Feres Magda Biography
Ferilli Antonio Biography
Fernandes Pinheiro Claudio Biography
Frankenberger Roland Biography
Frencken Jo Biography
Fricain Jean-Christophe Biography
Gedrange Tomasz Biography
Gerber Hanna Biography
Ghezz Elisa Biography
Glick Michael Biography
Gołąbek Hubert Biography
Gończowski Krzysztof Biography
Gross Dominik Biography
Grzech-Leśniak Kinga Biography
Hamza Mouna Biography
Hickel Reinhard Biography
Hyde Susan Biography
Jagielak Maciej Biography
Jepsen Soren Biography
Jodłowska Paulina Biography
Jokstad Asbjørn Biography
Kantarci Alpodogan Biography
Karadeniz Sehnaz Biography
Kim Su Jung Biography
Kostrzewa-Janicka Jolanta Biography
Kozakiewicz Marcin Biography
Kuester James Biography
Kufus Rolf Biography
Kupietzky Ari Biography
Lamster Ira Biography
Levin Liran Biography
Linden Roger Biography
Linkevicius Tomas Biography
Lo Edward Biography
Loster Bartłomiej W. Biography
Łukomska-Szymańska Monika Biography
Matys Jacek Biography
Mekias Nick Biography
Mensi Magda Biography
Meyer Daniel Biography
Meyer Georg B. Biography
Meyer-Lückel Hendrik Biography
Mędzin Rafał Biography
Miałkowska Patrycja Biography
Milewicz Andrzej Biography
Minch Liwia Biography
Mitrani Ricardo Biography
Miwa Ryo Biography
Miyazaki Hideo Biography
Nicholson John Biography
Niedzielska Iwona Biography
Olczak-Kowalczyk Dorota Biography
Orhan Kaan Biography
Owczarczak Kristian Biography
Park Young-Guk Biography
Plakwicz Paweł Biography
Puzio Monika Biography
Radwan-Oczko Małgorzata Biography
Rifai Khaldoun Biography
Różyło-Kalinowska Ingrid Biography
Saczko Jolanta Biography
Schimmel Martin Biography
Schou Lone Biography
Sokołowski Jerzy Biography
Stadlinger Bernd Biography
Stanley Miguel Biography
Subotowicz Katarzyna Biography
Tehini Georges Biography
Tolmeijer Alexander Biography
Tonetti Maurizio Biography
Villena Rita Biography
Walsh Laurence Biography
Więckiewicz Mieszko Biography
Williams Stephen Biography
Wojtowicz Andrzej Biography
wykładowcy zostaną potwierdzeni w terminie późniejszym Biography
Wyszyńska-Pawelec Grażyna Biography
Żarow Maciej Biography
Żurek Jacek Biography

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DON’T come

to Poland to learn Polish. Some languages like Finnish, Hungarian and Estonian are difficult. Polish is classified as an EXTREMELY difficult language.

DON’T worry

if you do not speak Polish. The Polish are in the forefront of people who speak English. The English Proficiency Index reported that, out of 63 countries, Poland ranked 6th, below only the the countries of Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.

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DON’T worry

about the cost of living and the cost of staying in large metropolitan areas: Poland is inexpen­sive. In Mercer’s 2015 Cost of Living Rankings, the Polish capital, Warsaw, came 175th – and, with a ranking of 142nd place in 2014, its cost of living is in spectacular free-fall relative to other cities.

DON’T forget that

Poland’s Baltic Sea coastline features beau­tiful cliffs and sandy beaches. The Masurian Lakeland, located mainly in Masuri, boasts thousands of lakes and, together with the Bie­brza Marshes in the Biebrza National Park to forms one of the largest nature reserves in Europe. The highest point in Poland is located in the Tatra Mountains, 2,500 metres above sea-level. Be our guest and experience the pro­verbial hospitality of the Polish people!

Do NOT be afraid,

Because ranking the cost of staying in large metropolitan areas, Poland is inexpensive. That ranking was conducted by Mercer company in order to present the most expensive metropolitan areas of the world. Regarding the Polish cities, Warsaw was at top position, ranked at 175th position. Staying in Warsaw is still getting inexpensive, in 2014 Warsaw recorded a spectacular drop from 142th position of the list.

NO need saving money

to go to Poland. It is not necessary, because the cost of living is affordable compared to other EU countries. Central Statistical Office reports Poles spend 250 euros on living expenses. Is that cheap? For Poles this is enough. Data published by Eurostat shows in 2014 the average Pole earning an average of 1000 EUR per month.

NO problems

finding similar interests with the Poles. In the largest international educational ranking by OECD, Poland ranked 5th in Europe and 11th in the world, leaving behind the British and Americans.

NO stopping development

Poland moved up in the ranking of strongest emerging economies from 7th to 5th place (ahead of India and Mexico). The ranking is in Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s report, “Economic Viewpoint Gems.” The list includes 56 countries. Poland’s development was mostly because of healthy economic development. Bank of America Merrill Lynch forecasts Poland’s Gross Domestic Product growth will be 3.5% in 2015. Poland is among three countries with the lowest inflation in the world (after Bulgaria and Croatia).

NO other country in Europe

is better than Poland for business services centers – reported consulting company KPMG. In Poland, there are about 650 business services centers, employing over 150,000 people. Labor costs by investors in Poland are higher than in India or Bulgaria or Romania. Why investors chose Poland to create centers of advanced business services? KPMG says because Poland has; well-qualified and motivated working professionals, a developed infrastructure, a stable political situation and a growing economy.

NO disappointment

when you come to Poland in search of medical services, especially dentistry. This is according to the United States International Healthcare Research Center list, Poland has the highest medical services in Central to Eastern Europe. Other countries such as Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria or Romania were not listed. Authors of the ranking explain that the list includes only countries where comprehensive assessments are the most agreeable places for medical treatments. Citizens of the United States conscious of medical service quality recognize that in Europe only United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain can be ranked ahead of Poland without taking into account the price of services.

It is NOT condition of the economy that drives tourists to visit Poland.

NO forgotten memories of your visit to Poznan (2016 FDI AWDC host),

because of the enchanting Old Market in Poznan (built in 1253). The city center square is a renaissance town hall that is one of the most beautiful and biggest in Poland. The tower at noon will ring bells, then two goats (the symbol of Poznan) will start fighting in corners. Where did this come from? Apparently, goats stolen from suburban meadows by a kitchen boy, who burned a roast during an urban feast. The feast was a celebration of the unveiling of the town hall clock. He wanted to cover up his mistake, by cooking the goats. However, he soon heard the bells announcing the noon. The goats escaped running into the town hall tower where they stayed. Now tourists admire the show.

Walking among the historic walls can turn into a walk among the greenery. City Park, once the largest artillery fort in Europe now is the largest green area in Poznan. Walking around it, you come across a mysterious sculpture – a crowd of 112 headless wanderers that are two meters high. “Unrecognized” is the work of the famous artist Magdalena Abakanowicz. Given that the New York Sotheby’s auction Magdalena Abakanowicz’s 22 figures “Crowd” for 450,000 USD then the Poznan sculpture should be valued at least 2.5 million USD.

NOT only one contemporary artist is recognized at international salons.

Series of photographs “Nazis” by Peter Uklański at the London auction house Philips de Pury sold for 1.1 million USD. In Poland, the most spectacular transaction was the sale of painting of Roman Opalka: “Retail 2890944-2910059” for 0.5 million USD.

Abroad, the famous Polish artist Krzysztof Penderecki is undoubtedly the most outstanding composer and conductor of contemporary music. His music is played at the biggest ceremonies in the world. Krzysztof Penderecki has an honorary doctorate from 24 universities around the world. He is an honorary member of the 14 major music academies.

You will NOT forgive yourself,

if when in Poland, you do not find at least a few from among the 14 items included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Let us mention at least six of them.

There is NONE in the world,

more beautiful medieval square in Europe than Market Square in Krakow, the former capital of Poland.

American organization “Project for Public Spaces” concluded in 2005 Krakow’s Main Market Square (built in 1257) as the most beautiful square in the world. The Dutch portal in 2010 placed Krakow’s Main Market in top ten European must see sites. In 2013 this market received the title of most beautiful square in the world of publishing house Lonely Planet.

Most tourists associate Krakow with the castle Wawel which was the seat of Polish kings. The surrounding area Kazimierz a former Jewish district enclosed a unique market hall, Cloth (built in 1358) and St. Mary’s Church (built in 1290). At the aforementioned Market Square, court jester of King Sigismund I the Old (1467 1548) bet with the King that medieval Krakow had the world’s most dentists. Court jester walked around the Market Square with wrapped face. Friendly townspeople advised him what to take so the swelling went down, and the pain eased. Within three days Jester wrote down over three hundred tips together with the names of people providing them. That was how the Jester won the bet and won a large amount of money.

According to renowned American magazine “Travel & Leisure”, tourists ranked Krakow 7th as one of the most interesting cities in the world.

Readers of the magazine “Time” chose 10 cities to visit during the holidays. Krakow ranked 4th after Jerusalem, Cape Town and Barcelona, which nearly 10 million tourists visit.

Do NOT waste the opportunity to visit,

considered a world wonder, the royal salt mine in Wieliczka and Bochnia. The oldest salt mine in the world (XIII c.) which has 360km of underground corridors and 2,040 chambers of salt. Inside the mine is the world’s largest underground temple, the Chapel of St. Kinga (54m long by 18m wide by 12m height). The salt mine is an underground town with a hotel, restaurants, a cinema, tennis courts and spa. The spa treats allergies and asthma. There is also the world’s lowest children’s playground (approximately 125m deep).

There is NO other bigger castle made from bricks

Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork (1274 start of construction) is the most powerful Gothic fortress in Europe. It consists of three castles and occupies 20 hectares. It was the only castle in a century to be robbed. Inside the castle vault Knights gathered valuables. Underneath the vault, one floor below, the castle kitchen was located. Cooks, realizing what is being stored above their heads, forged hole in the ceiling and stole a fortune estimated at 12,000 gold guilders. After a week, shortcomings in the vault were discovered. After three weeks, the perpetrators a master baker and his four apprentices, were caught then hunged without trial in the castle courtyard.

You cannot NOT miss,

the 70 year old replica of Old Town in Warsaw. It was originally built in the early thirteenth century. The replica was rebuilt upon its World War II ruins. During World War II Old Town was leveled to the ground. Nobody ever imagined Old Town would be rebuilt. It was initially considered to leave the Poland’s capital as a silent memorial hecatomb from the World War II.

The decision was changed when the leader of USRR, Joseph Stalin supported rebuilding the city. Moscow’s communist Polish authorities did not want to erect defensive walls around the old town. They feared that fortification would facilitate an armed opposition. The opposition in postwar time was opposed to communist regime on Polish territory. The Communists changed their minds when responsible for rebuilding the capital, architect professor, John Zachwatowicz, drew the silhouette of the old town without walls. Professor asked, “what can be seen after removing the walls? Only churches!” To communist authorities, a Polish person belonging to Christian Europe is a bothering sign. Out of two bad possibilities they decided to erect the walls, thus Old Town in Warsaw was rebuilt.

You will NOT find anywhere else in the world the waterway like:

Elblag Canal (83km long). It is still navigable and in great shape for being 150 years old. Apparently, the engineer Georg Steenke presented the project to build a canal to the ruler, Frederick William IV. The ruler asked whether anywhere else in the world a miracle like the one presented was had been built (in some places ships travelling through the channel to overcome the difference in levels had to be carried on platforms through land). If there is no place like this? Then we will build!

Do NOT miss the opportunity

meeting face to face with bison, Europe’s largest mammal (body weight reaches 1 ton). Bison live in the Bialowieza Forest from where all Bison that are in Europe came from. Bialowieza is another wonder of nature listed on UNESCO heritage site as the last natural forest ecosystem in Europe (the average age of trees in the forest is 126 years old).

Do NOT forget that

Poland has a Baltic Sea beautiful cliff coastline with sandy beaches. The thousands of lakes located mostly in Masuria, is Europe’s largest supporter of unspoiled nature and marshes of Biebrza. Poland has high altitude 2,500 meters above sea level Tatra Mountains. It was mainly Poles, who’s united movement “Solidarity”, the 1st in, Europe said “no” to communism and adapted freedom and democracy. We welcome all those who have similar values. Experience our proverbial old Polish hospitality. Be our guest!

Discover Poland

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Polish cities Castles & palaces Unesco World Heritage
cities castles unesco
click to view click to view click to view


gdansk wroclaw  krakow
Gdańsk Wrocław Kraków


swinoujscie wydmy surfing
Świnoujście Słowiński Park Narodowy/ Łeba Surfing


gizycko wegorzewo sztynort
Giżycko Węgorzewo Sztynort


koscielisko morskie oko pieniny
Tatra Mountains / Kościeliska Valley Tatra Mountains / Morskie Oko Pieniny


malbork tyniec czocha
The Malbork Castle Tyniec The Czocha Castle


bociany wilk los

Welcome message from dr Patrick Hescot, FDI President

The FDI Annual World Dental Congress is unique in the opportunities it provides for learning and debate with dental col­leagues from around the world.

The FDI Annual World Dental Congress is, in fact, two interconnected but distinct events: on the one hand, there is an international congress with a first-rate scientific programme deliv­ered by top international, regional and national speakers. FDI is proud to bring together in one place some of the recognized ‘heavyweights’ of the international dental community, all of them specialists in key areas of modern dentistry. We are also very proud of some of the new sessions, first introduced in 2012. They include ‘meet the expert’ sessions, a true innovation, where partic­ipants have the opportunity of interacting with major figures in international dentistry.

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On the other hand, A recent innovation has been the World Oral Health Fo­rum, usually in two separate sessions, which fo­cuses on areas on public policy and oral health. The aim is to widen the debate, with speakers from other health or policy sectors.

On the other hand, the FDI congress is the once-yearly get-together of the World Dental Parliament, a decades-long part of FDI. It is a mixture of formal and informal sessions: central is the General Assembly, our federation’s su­preme legislative and governing body, where the project leaders from among FDI membership report on progress over the past twelve months in key areas where FDI and its partners are in­crementally moving towards FDI’s ultimate goal of ‘Leading the World to Optimal Oral Health’. This is supplemented by the three Open Forums, where policy debate takes place in as less formal atmosphere.

Poland is an excellent choice because, with a resilient economy, demand for dental services is growing rapidly, with growth in the private dental sector estimated between 20 and 30% per year. So it makes sense to hold an international event there at this time.

Geographically, Poland is at a cross roads and we believe ideally placed to attract participants from throughout Europe. We also believe that it has the potential to attract participants from around the world. In addition, we know that we have a top quality local team so we really expect a large turn­out for the FDI Annual World Dental Congress in Poznan and count on it being the landmark inter­national event in dentistry in 2016.

Dr Patrick Hescot

FDI President

Concert “I like Chopin”


Performers: buy_a_ticket
Kate Liu – piano
Amelia Maszońska – violin
Łukasz Borowicz – conductor
Poznań Philharmonic Orchestra

– Karol Kurpiński – overture to opera “Zabobon czyli Krakowiacy i górale” (5′)
– Henryk Wieniawski – Violin Concerto no. 2 in D minor Op, 22 (22′)
– Fryderyk Chopin – Concert for Piano No. 1 in E minor Op. 11 (40′)
encore: Wojciech Kilar – Polonaise from film “Pan Tadeusz” (4’30”)

The phenomenal Kate Liu, winner of the 3rd Prize at last year’s 16th International Fryderyk Chopin Competition in Warsaw, will be the star of “I Like Chopin” concert organised by the Poznań Philharmonic for participants of the congress.

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At 7 p.m. on Friday, 9 September, carefully selected compositions of Polish music shall sound at the beautiful neo-Renaissance auditorium of Adam Mickiewicz University, where Poznań Philharmonic holds its concerts. Poznań Philharmonic Orchestra will open the evening with the overture to the opera Zabobon, czyli Krakowiacy i górale (The Superstition, or Cracovians and Highlanders) by Karol Kurpiński, a composer associated with the region of Wielkopolska. The piece will be followed by Violin Concerto No. 2 in D minor Op. 22 by Henryk Wieniawski performed by Amelia Maszońska. The very young Polish violin player is preparing for October 2016, when the 15th edition of International Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition gets under way in Poznań. Originating in 1935, it is the oldest violin event in the world.
After the interval, it will be Fryderyk Chopin’s music which invariably delights successive generations. Concerto for Piano No. 1 in E minor Op. 11 shall be performed by the American pianist Kate Liu, who will undoubtedly win the audience’s hearts with this composition!
The concert will be conducted by Łukasz Borowicz. This outstanding Polish conductor of the young generation, the first guest conductor of Poznań Philharmonic Orchestra, has directed numerous leading orchestras in Europe and the USA, and made almost seventy records for the most prestigious labels.

Kate Liu Kate Liu Łukasz Borowicz Orchestra
photo by A. Hoffmann photo by A. Hoffmann photo by A. Hoffmann photo by K. Zalewska
Place: Collegium Minus Aula Uniwerystecka, Poznań, ul. Wieniawskiego 1

Date: 2016, September, 9 (Friday)
Time: 7:00 p.m.

Tickets: 200,00 PLN – 1 zone, 180,00 PLN – 2 zone, 150,00 PLN – 3 zone


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