This one has no scam alert and it comes as no surprise to me!

Five months ago, I wanted to do something extra!

Yes, you heard it right. I was expecting to get engaged to my childhood sweetheart and I realized that I needed to be able to create a kind of corpus where both of us would save for a magical D day. So, I started to look out for avenues to be able to work a little more and then maybe supplement by income and also reduce my expenses.

I started cooking at home and it did make a big difference!

Cooking at home not only gave me an opportunity to be able to know my strength (I have learned to cook some fabulous dishes) but it also helped me get back to my fitness goals. It was a step towards saving money initially but slowly I realized that I loved cooking and it was therapeutic after a hard day at the desk. What I detested, however, was doing the dishes but then I decided to tackle them myself. I wouldn’t want a damper to spoil the awesome fun that I was having!

I was also having a dishwasher on my mind! That brings me back to the point. I wanted to be able to save enough money so that when I set up my house, I would not have been into a crunch situation.

But what did I want to do?

I was good at writing but after a hard day’s work, I was in no mood to do professional writing. Writing came to me only when I felt like it. So, that was out ruled. I was good at economics and accounts back in college and I had heard a colleague in office discuss how the internet was revolutionizing the way people traded. I remember thinking to myself that I would never try it out even once in my life because I would have trust issues.

Who would have known that in times such as this, someone like me would opt to trade! I was interested in accumulating cryptocurrencies and so I went ahead with software called the Bitcoin Loophole.

You know what the most amazing thing about this software was? It had not been reported even one in seventy-five days and the people who had invested there were actually on my friend’s list.

So, if you were to ask me today about the software, is it a scam? I can categorically shout from the top of the mountain even to say, “no; absolutely not!”