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General Sale Opens on 10th December 2015

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I was thinking what good I was going to do in life is in a wheelchair. I was immobilized down my legs because of a brain stroke that I had suffered six months ago. The doctors were initially hopeful about my recovery but with the passage of time, they started reducing their chances of mine ever being able to stand on my feet again.

I had a great career and education lined up but now there seemed no consequence:

I was crestfallen the last time I went to the doctors. They were being positive about the little improvements I was making in the form of slight movement in the toes but they could not guarantee absolute healing is what I could gather at the end of the checkup.

I was suicidal!

I cannot tell you how depressed I was and how I cursed myself to have brought this upon myself. At one point in time, I even questioned the existence of god and I was almost about to give up on life.

Then, something miraculous happened:

I used to write when I was young and once when I was trying to collect my books in a box, a small little diary fell out. Inside was a small poetry that I had written which re-instilled hope in me. I thought to myself this must not be the end of my world. So what if I cannot move about without my wheelchair but I must surely be thankful for my one set of limbs and my thinking capacity that is more or less intact.

And then I hit upon this idea of trading online:

I did not care if I lost or won, the idea was to do! I had been discouraged about trading because one in every two software turns out to be scams but some things are destined and in spite of severe criticism I still went ahead and signed up at Fintech Limited. boy! I must have sounded crazy back then!!

In a matter of two weeks itself, the software did a great motivational job by letting me earn one thousand in profit alone. That meant I had doubled my initial investment almost eight times. this was the boost that was needed. There has been no looking back since. I have been enjoying my voyage. Losses are taken in stride and victories are jubilantly celebrated!