Delegates Registration

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Registration Categories
• Dentist Delegate
• Hygienist / Technicians / Therapists
• Assistant / Office Emmployees
• Dental Student
• Accompanying Person
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Registration Fee

Registration Type Early Bird
upto 31st May 2016
upto 28th August 2016
Onsite Fee
Dentist Delegate 420,00 € 480,00 € 2400,00 PLN
Dentist Delegate – one day participation 160,00 € 200,00 € 1100 PLN
Hygienist*/ Assistant*/ Technicians* / Therapists* 250,00 € 300,00 € 1300 PLN
Office Emmployees* 130,00 € 180,00 € 1050,00 PLN
Dental Student* 130,00 € 180,00 € 1000,00 PLN
Commercial and Industrial Representatives* 130,00 € 180,00 € 1000,00 PLN
Accompanying Person 50,00 € 50,00 € 250,00 PLN

All prices are in EUR. All prices include VAT.

*Proof of status is required. Category “Dental Student” is not applicable for Phd and specialty students.

Delegate fee includes:
– Congress name badge,
– Congress pocket programme,
– Entrance to scientific sessions and exhibition area,
– Opening Ceremony,
– All scientific documentation

Accompanying Person registration fee includes:
– Entrance to the exhibition area,
– Congress name badge,
– Opening Ceremony
– Poznan city tour »read more«

Cancellation Policy:
• All booked registration services cancelled before June 15th, 2016 are 50% refundable.
• No refunds for cancellations made after June 15th, 2016
• All cancellation must be done in writting
• All refunds will be executed after the end of the FDI 2016 AWDC



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